Feel at home and thrive

Feel at home and thrive

Your valuable employees are in good hands with us when we work on integration and retention. We are experts on language, local knowledge and network, and you and your employees will feel safe and at ease with the whole process of their settling in Denmark.

Your employee will

  • speak Danish with confidence
  • feel at home and thrive at work and at home
  • get the best help with settling in Denmark
  • find a network and become a local

You will not risk having to re-fill the post. 

Onboarding takes longer than expected and it is difficult to measure if it has been successful before it is too late and the employee has moved on. Often it takes up to a year before a new employee is fully onboarded and integration is a big part of onboarding an international employee. It can be very costly to re-fill a position, estimates suggest that the cost is 1.5-2 times a year’s salary.

In Be Local we have worked with language, knowledge and network for many years and have good results with international employees feeling at home and thriving, at the same time as feeling confident in speaking Danish and finding a new network.

The successful integration of your employee and his/her family is very important to us. The risk of losing a big investment and having to re-fill a post and onboard again will diminish when you work with us on integration and talent retention.

Susanne S. Frederiksen

Susanne S. Frederiksen has for many years worked with expats and international students. Her education in English, History and Performance Design and work experience at a language school has been a significant help in her desire to help newcomers make the way from “new” to local shorter and easier. 

In the individually tailored way of teaching Danish and helping employees to become local, Susanne works with engineers, associate professors, entrepreneurs, teachers, scientists and many more. She produces and finds material that matches their work area and interests. This unique approach results in fast progress in speaking Danish with e.g. colleagues.

Be Local has enabled many to make the decision to establish their home in Denmark.

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