Jump start your life in Denmark

Feel confident speaking Danish  ·  Know your local area  ·  Feel at home and thrive

At Be Local we base our services on your individual interests and take your needs as a starting point. As a newcomer to Denmark it is important to thrive to perform your best at work and to build a social network in Denmark. It can be overwhelming to find a foothold and a social network in Denmark. Feeling at home helps you be able to participate, unlock your potential, make friends, and contribute to your local community.

Be local is based on dialogue and flexibility. Our vision is to support the good integration of international employees and their families at the same time as we strengthen local communities. We will help you feel at home and thrive in your new local environment with our unique approach helping you to  understand the Danish language, how things are done in Denmark both structurally and culturally and mixing this with the benefits of growing your network.

Read about Liz and her experiences of learning Danish and getting to know Denmark.